Sales conditions

AS Klaasimeister general sales conditions

  1. Object of contract


Object of the contract is the goods sold by Supplier and purchased by Buyer on the basis of the assortment, amount and dates agreed upon at the placing of the order.

Orders are placed in writing and the delivery notes / invoices compiled on the basis of the order shall be deemed as integral parts of the contract.

Supplier shall supply the goods to the Buyer: in case of a regular order (using the glasses in the main warehouse) after the placing of the order by the Buyer, as agreed.

In case of using special glasses, the delivery date depends on the confirmation of the order placed by the Supplier.


  1. Delivery and transfer of goods


Transport of goods to the warehouse with the Supplier’s transport takes place at the expense of the Supplier in case if the goods are offered on terms DDU

In case of delivery term EXW the Supplier has the right to compile an invoice for the expenses made for the transport.

The transfer of goods and packaging to the Buyer takes place in the warehouse of the Buyer in case of transport with the means of the Supplier.

Goods are delivered in the amount corresponding to the invoice/delivery note presented for the goods.

Goods are deemed as delivered if the goods ordered by the Buyer are delivered to the warehouse of the Buyer or if the representative of the Buyer has received the goods from the production department of AS Klaasimeister by signing the accompanying documents. Submission period for claims is 5 working days as of the delivery of the goods.

Buyer shall keep the packaging of the goods (glass racks) delivered by the Supplier intact, shall not use it for any other purpose than the disposal of glass and sealed units and enable to return the packaging to the Supplier in ten working days at the latest after the delivery of the goods by the Supplier. In case of failure to perform previous clause the Supplier has the right to present an invoice for the packaging as well according to the price list.



  1. Quality and warranty of goods


The quality of the delivered goods must be in accordance with the European standards EN 12543 – laminated glass; EN 12150 tempered glass; EN 572 – float glass; EN 1279 – insulating glass units.

.Supplier shall not take responsibility for the quality of the goods if the Buyer shall not preserve or use the purchased goods according to the general requirements of preserving or using the goods.

Supplier gives a warranty of five years to the goods that have been installed correctly and intactly.

In case of the humidity of inner surfaces or non-air-tightness that has appeared during the warranty period and is not caused by the breaking of the glass, the Supplier shall replace the defective goods or compensate for the expenses incurred by the Buyer, which do not exceed the cost of the defective goods. Supplier shall not compensate for installation and transport costs or other additional costs.


  1. Price and payment conditions


Supplier shall present invoices to the Buyer according to the valid price lists or specific price offers. Price offers are valid for 30 days if not agreed otherwise. Supplier shall notify of any changes in the price list 30 days in advance.

Supplier has the right to refuse an order and delivery of the goods if

the debt of the Buyer exceeds the payment date for more than 10 calendar days, also in case the agreed credit limit has been exceeded.

Buyer shall pay for the delivered goods according to the conditions specified on the invoice on the basis of the invoices presented by the Supplier to the bank account of the Supplier after the completion of order.

The goods shall be transferred to the possession of the Buyer after paying for the goods or proportionally when payment takes place in parts.

 Buyer shall pay the whole price of the goods for the goods ordered by the Buyer that were later abandoned.


  1. Penalties


In case the Buyer shall not pay for the delivered goods on time, the Supplier has the right to require a fine for delay for every delayed day according to the terms and conditions specified on the invoice. The claims described in previous clause must be submitted in 30 days after the full payment of the invoice by the Buyer or after the delivery of the goods by the Supplier.


  1. Terms of contract


Contract shall enter into force upon signature and shall be valid for one year. Contract shall be automatically prolonged for one year if neither of the parties has expressed the wish to terminate the contract in writing 30 days before the termination of the contract.



  1. Other terms


During the performance of the present contract, parties may forward notices to each other by fax , by e-mail or by mail. Letters regarding amendment and premature termination of the contract or compensation for damages shall be sent by registered mail or response mail.

 When providing a service or delivering the goods, the Supplier shall not take responsibility for the damages caused to the Buyer or pay the contractual penalty in case

the damages were caused by or delivery hindered by force majeure or factors the prevention of which is not in the competence of the Supplier (electrical system failures, thunder, natural disasters, floods, traffic accidents or jams, war or any other special condition).

Contract shall be compiled in two equal copies one of which shall be kept by both parties.



  1. Settlement of disputes


Disputes arising from failure to perform the contract shall be solved via negotiations, in case of failure to reach agreement, the legislation of the Republic of Estonia shall be proceeded from.