Digital printing

Klaasimeister AS is using Dip-Tech digital in-glass printing solutions
which combine the best of two worlds: digital printing versatility and
ceramic ink durability.
Float or tinted glass can be used as base glass. It is also possible to
use coated glass, where the colour may be on the reflective surface or,
for example in glass units, on surface No. 4.
In the course of digi-printing, paint is printed onto the surface of the glass,
after which the glass is dried and tempered.
Digi-printed glass is tempered glass, which means that the glass cannot
be processed again later.
In the tempering process, the colour coating is partially burned into the
glass, which makes the glass extremely resistant to weather and mechanical damage.

GlassJet Pro

The GlassJet PRO Printer was designed together with Dip-Tech Digital
Ceramic Inks and Dip-Tech DXL XL Software. This proven, complete
solution makes it easy to integrate digital printing into your business - enabling
a short learning curve and an efficient workflow from image processing through
to printed glass.

One solution for varied glass printing applications

  • Innovative digital in-glass printer that uses ceramic inks - Ideal for both external and internal applications

  • Unmatched print quality - Up to 720 dpi, with micro-drop precision

  • Large glass size - Up to 3,2 x 6 m

  • Opacity control - Controls the density of the printed layer

  • Drop-on-demand - Enables edge-to-edge printing 


Optimized, efficient workflow

  • Outstanding high throughput - 6-color, single-pass printing; selectable print modes

  • Automated ink management - Ink system optimizes ink usage and facilitates routine maintenance