Roller coating

The machine is suitable for lacquer application on glass. The machine’s versatility makes it possible to apply silk screen email for an acid-treatment effect, mat or full-colour effect according to the used application roller supplied together with the machine.

Base glass may be both clear and body tinted float glass. It is also possible to use solar protection glass where the paint may be located on both the reflective surface or surface number 4, for example, in a double glazing. In addition to a great variety of standard colours, enamelled glass is available in most RAL-shades. However, there may be cases in which it is difficult to find a perfect shade of colour due to the slightly greenish shade of clear glass.

Enamelled glass is tempered glass, which means that it is not possible to process the glass at a later point of time. During the tempering of the glass, the colour coating is partially burned into the surface of the glass, which makes the glass extremely resistant to weather and mechanical damages

The new coating method is also advantageous – if earlier, enamelling in Estonia was mostly made by screen printing, which is more time consuming and costly, then the given technology allows to manufacture greater volumes in shorter time and the price of the glass is also lower than before. All together, the new technology gives great competitive advantage

Production possibilities of roller-coating

Max size: 2500 x 6000 mm
Min size 250 x 400 mm
Max weight: 1000 kg