Silk-printed glass

Silk screened tempered glass can be manufactured in a variety of colours and patterns – monochromatic and
multicoloured. The glass is well-suited for both interior as well as outdoor use.

Float or tinted glass can be used as base glass. It is also possible to use solar protection glass, where the colour
may be on the reflective surface or, for example in glass units, on surface No. 4. In addition to the wide variety
of standard colours, silk screened glass is also available in most RAL colours. In the course of silk screening,
paint is pressed onto the surface of the glass through a specifically designed and framed piece of fabric (silk), after
which the glass is dried and tempered.
Silk screened glass is tempered glass, which means that the glass cannot be processed again later.
In the tempering process, the colour coating is partially burned into the glass, which makes the glass extremely
resistant to weather and mechanical damage.

Areas of application
Façades, partition walls, stair railings, doors, furniture, etc. – places where safety and design matter.
Using silk screened glass enables making buildings/façades more unique and distinguished.
Various design solutions offered by different shades and patterns can be used indoors.