Enamelled glass

We are producing it by roller coating tehnology. Enamelled glass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
In the facade, enamelled glass is used as single glazing, but also as an inner glass in double glazing; for
example, at the spandrel of a building, where no difference can be noted at the general look of the facade
from outside – the outer reflection is uniform. Enamelled glass can be manufactured in very many different shades.

Areas of application

Facades, partitions, staircase barriers – places where safety and uniform
reflection are important, but transparency is of no importance.
The main area of application is the covering of spandrels in the facade,
but it is also suitable for partitions or wall panels. By using enamelled glass,
buildings/facades can be made more unique and conspicuous.
In interior spaces, various design solutions provided by different shades
and opaqueness can be used, however, the enamelled glass reflects as much
light as clear glass. 

More information about technical possibilities and various types of enamelled glass
on the phone 6766 580 or e-mail infoklaasimeister.ee