Fire-protect glass

AS Klaasimeister can offer clear fire-protect glasses from AGC 


Pyrobelite EW-fire class
Smoke and flames protection

Pyrobel EI-fire class
Smoke, flames and heat protection

Pyrobelite and Pyrobel are clear fire protect glasses that protect from fire: flames, smoke and heat.
Are produced according to EN norms and standards. 

Glasses incorporating a metal mesh

Producer AGC Flat Glass
Product Wired Ordinare 6 mm


Monolithic, wired glass offers protection from smoke and flames, even in wooden frames.

  • The wires keep the glass together in case of a fire when the temperature increases rapidly.

  • Conforms to European standards.

  • Protects from flames and the spread of hot gas.

  • Stays together even when fractured or sprayed with water.

  • Has been successfully used for large surfaces, up to 1,800 mm x 2,940 mm.

  • Suitable for interior as well as outdoor solutions.

AS Klaasimeister can also produce insulating glass units with differenent fire-protect glasses E-15 - EI120

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